morning nap

Morning Nap 1

morning nap 1

Yes, model-in-residence Imi is still in training, but should sleeping through a shoot ever be tolerated?

Morning Nap 2

morning nap 2

Morning Nap 3

morning nap 3


gold dogs (in black and white)

gold dog 5

Model-in-residence Imi met Yogi and fell in love (click to view full gallery

gold dog 1

Imi appears to have had a litter once and this 9-week-old fluff-ball brought out all her maternal instincts (click to view full gallery)

gold dog 2

Click any image above to see the full gallery of Gold Dogs.

photo of the moment: gazelle rediscovered

Every now and then you rediscover a capture that, for one reason or another, you chose not to finish or use. This is one such image.

photo of the moment: Django reviews coffee

Django Reviews Coffee

Django, the Capuchin monkey, reviews coffee from a well-known chain. Rating: full tongue out (and who would know cappuccino better than a Capuchin?).

photo of the moment: monkeying around

monkeying around

when your assistant monkeys around during lighting check

When doing lighting setup and checks, I am focused completely on how the light is hitting my test model, where it is falling off, and any shadows produced. In the moment, I don’t even notice my test model’s poses or expressions. So, it was a fun surprise to find this series of my assistant monkeying around.

Thanks Mandy for doing such a great job helping me capture fantastic poses of dogs at our Pet Portraits Benefitting City Dogs Rescue sessions. And many thanks to District Veterinary Hospital for hosting the event.


honored by FotoDC

Time to Fly

Time to Fly

I am very honored, proud and excited that Time to Fly was awarded FotoDC’s Places of DC Runner Up. The print will be featured for one month starting June 23rd in the FotoDC show at the W Washington Hotel in July. It will then reappear at FotoDC Central for the FotoWeek festival November 11-20th.

I hope to see you at the opening party at the W Washington DC on June 29th.I will post more details about the shows and the opening events soon. Continue reading


faces of pride and sorrow

The emotional contrast between Saturday and Sunday was striking. Saturday was the Capital Pride Parade–outrageous, outlandish and festive (very, very festive). The only discordance I heard on Saturday was in regards to the degree to which the parade has become commercialized and, I must concur that the “green” stripe in the rainbow flag seems to grow larger every year. The parade drew to a close, my gay friends partied and I went home for a more peaceful night. But then came the news from Orlando.  Continue reading