Monthly Archives: August 2014

they shoot doggies, don’t they?

I am not sure who “they” are, or whether or not they shoot doggies. But I certainly do! Here are a few images from a casual, spur-of-the-moment shoot at my neighborhood dog park (click an image to open a larger view).


shooting gazelle

I think that the thing that improved my photography even more than increasing my technical knowledge, upgrading equipment or piling up hours behind the lens, was the simple piece of advice offered by more seasoned photographers to refrain from shooting even a single shot until taking whatever time is needed to find what interests you about the subject. Almost overnight, when I began to heed this advice to study each subject with as much attention to what captivates my interest as I give to the lighting and background and f/stops and so on, my photography became much better, more compelling and, well, more interesting.

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embracing the grey

It is rare that a shoot goes exactly as planned, and at times all plans are rendered moot. I was rudely reminded of this fact in a recent client shoot. Continue reading