Monthly Archives: September 2014

looking back at nuit blanche 2013

I shoot a lot of music and art events throughout the year. But DC’s art community blooms in the fall, initiated by my favorite event to photograph, Art All Night (Nuit Blanche) DC. Below are some images from the spectacular event in 2013 at the Wonder Bread Factory and the Shaw Branch of the Washington Public Library. In 2014, Nuit Blanche will be spread through more of the city, and I will be up all night Saturday 9/27/14 trying to photograph as much of it as possible (anyone have one of of those transporter gadgets?).


sunday in the park

Every Sunday, Malcolm X Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC explodes into a cacophony of sights and sounds as drummers, dancers, acrobats, would-be tight-wire walkers, hula-hoopers, hackey sackers, frisbee throwers, runners, strollers, and onlookers of all ages, sizes, shapes and colors fill the park with the sounds, movements, customs and languages of a virtual United Nations of peoples and cultures. Here are a small handful of images shot on an ordinary Sunday afternoon in this park that is anything but ordinary. (And, you know, click an image to fully appreciate it in large format theater mode.)