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This was not the first time that I have seen Urban Artistry, a DC area organization dedicated to the preservation and performance of urban arts. I have watched them dance on several occasions and have photographed them a few times as well. And I always leave their shows feeling an enhanced sense of happiness, joy, and life. Their performance on May 2nd at DC’s Funk Parade was no exception and, indeed, seemed particularly special. Perhaps it was because of the very festive atmosphere of the day, or because of the extraordinary weather. Perhaps it was because of how involved the crowd was, or how the group welcomed and encouraged the brave (and talented) spectators-turned-performers. Or maybe it was because of the location at the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl (a virtual library of  DC urban art history), dancing in an urban theater of a narrow alley on an asphalt stage aside the street portraits of DC go-go legends Chuck Brown and Little Benny. This performance was a true celebration of urban art through dance.

View the gallery of my attempts to capture Urban Artistry’s perpetual motion and infectious joy in still images.

Find out more about Urban Artistry at http://urbanartistry.org, or keep up with them on Facebook.

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