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isaac – tenth day

I work with a lot of kids and their families, but I do not often have the opportunity to photograph a newborn. This past June I had the joy of photographing Isaac with his parents in their cozy apartment home. At just 10-days-old (plus an extra 7 days in utero), Isaac was ready for his debut photo shoot.

The set includes shots of candid moments…


… as well as planned images composed under controlled lighting in a living-room-turned-makeshift-studio.Isaac's debut photo shoot

I hope that the resulting series of photographs clearly reveal the warmth and love that I easily observed on Isaacs tenth day.

Click here to view all 12 images of Isaac.


little black dress

wearing art

little black dress

I was just updating this image from an impromptu and very fast model shoot during an event in 2013. Shot with nothing more than an on-camera Speedlight (flash) aimed directly at the model (a true no-no), the original photo was underexposed, but produced some interesting shadows on the backdrop (really, just a clean sheet of drywall). The technical flaws introduced in correcting the exposure (global noise and loss of detail in the dress and hair) prevent me from ever adding this image to my portfolio, although it remains a personal favorite. Hmmm… the flaws would likely not be detectable in a very small format like, say, the back of business cards (which I just happen to need!).

play with love

Sometimes you just need a break from the stresses of work, family and even social life. WithLoveDC saw the need, and began sponsoring Recess for Grownups at Dupont Circle. I was able to capture some of the fun last Wednesday. #PlayWithLove

double dutch (10 images)

Adult recess at Dupont Circle, Washington DC – 15 July 2015. Jumping rope with #PlayWithLove.


I love photographing children in a natural environment where I can capture them just being children (more on that coming soon). And when my subject is a beautiful 2-year-old with amazing parents and a few extended family members to add some spice… and when the scheduled session is greeted by a spectacular, golden morning… this is a photographer’s playpen (at least for those of us who have fun with photographing kids).  Last month I had exactly this good fortune when I photographed Sarah.