the ballet

before the dance

before the dance

I had the opportunity last weekend to photograph DC’s Classical Repertory Dance Ensemble. The evening included a program that presented a mix of dance styles centered around both classical and contemporary ballet. In the same way, the photographs included in the current post and Featured Gallery present a mixture of photographic styles from classic representational, contemporary high dynamic, and artistic finishes approaching impressionism.  To view the full gallery of 12 photographs, click any of the images below. 

contemporary 1

About the Classical Repertory Dance Ensemble (CDRE)

CDRE is an adult ballet company comprised of non-professional dancers who train, rehearse and perform in a professional environment. CRDE aims for artistic integrity in its annual performance and a program that includes a mix of styles centered on classical and contemporary ballet. In addition, CRDE aims to achieve relative equity in casting so that all members are given the opportunity to dance challenging and substantive parts. Please visit their website to learn more about CDRE.

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