dog swim

After America celebrates labor day and the kids are back in school, after the last boiiing of a spring board launching a teen diver, after the last squeals of a toddler joyfully splashing water, and after the last lap has been swum and all the pools shuttered for the year, the DC Department of Parks and Recreation re-opens its Community Pools for one more day… to dogs.

Dog Swim 1

Saturday, September 10, was Dog Swim day at the DC community pools. Model-in-residence Imi and I packed a towel, some sunscreen and a couple of lenses (of course), and headed to the Francis Community Center Pool in the nearby West End neighborhood of Washington. Despite having never (to my knowledge) seen a pool, Imi nearly broke from her leash and flew into the deep end. For more than 90 minutes she dove and swam and chased or was chased by some of the 50-60 other dogs, only leaving the water to experience the thrill of diving back in. And I photographed as much of it as I could.

Below are a small sample of the pics—click any photo to view the full gallery of 22 enlarged, dripping wet images.

Dog Swim 2

Dog Swim 10

Dog Swim 20

Dog Swim 17

Dog Swim 18

Dog Swim 7

Dog Swim 6

Dog Swim 14


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