Monthly Archives: December 2016

looking back at 2016: fire

How 'bout a Little Fire, Scarecrow

2016 was a fire storm that blazed out of control leaving a fair amount of scorched earth and shocked minds. It is only appropriate that we leave the year with some favorite photos of fire–beautiful, mesmerizing and fortunately completely under the control of some talented fire spinners, breathers and eaters. Continue reading

looking back at 2016: events

Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage celebration at the Carlos Rosario International Charter School

A few of my favorite photographs of events I shot in 2016. Continue reading

looking back at 2016: winter at the beach

The Last Few Momements 1

After digging out from Snowzilla in DC, I am glad that I spent part of winter 2016 on the beach in Southern California. I shot hundreds of images while there and edited a 2 or 3 dozen when I returned. Here are a few that I keep going back to (and check out February’s featured gallery for more  sunset silhouettes). Continue reading

looking back at 2016: winter in dc

Tranformed by an Inch of Snow

This year, instead of one large review, I decided to break down my annual recap into smaller groupings, each presenting just a few images of one aspect of 2016. Let’s begin with a memorable Winter (and also to send a small note of empathy to my New England friends and family who are being slammed by winter today).  Continue reading

the other side

Behind Glass 1

When you cannot find anything interesting on the streets during a photo walk, look through the glass at the other side. Continue reading