doggie swim day

Let’s Go Swimming!

Sunday was Doggie Swim Day in DC — the day shortly after the last human swim and just before the the water is drained for winter, when the DC Department of Parks and Recreation opens all of its public pools to the dogs.

Model-in-Residence Imi, like most Goldens, is a natural swimmer. Other dogs live only to chase their tennis balls–if the ball was in water, so were they. Others hung out ankle-deep in the shallow end and posed politely for a photograph. And some held the firm belief that water is the work of the devil and rapidly struggled toward dry land as fast as their paws would take them. No matter… they were each wonderful and I had an amazing time photographing them all (while Imi amused herself swimming in, through and under the clear blue water).

There are far too many photographs in this set to include them all here. So follow Hank (or any of the dogs pictured here) to the full gallery of 40 watery images (and open them full screen to really get wet).

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