here to stay

I have intentionally refrained from photographing political protests and rallies for the last few months in part to attend to commissioned bookings, in part to save decreasing spare time for art photography projects and, to be honest, in part because I became burned out on photographs of the signs and crowds of the daily protests in Washington which have became so plentiful as to be difficult to tell images of one rally from another. But today was different. Today hit close to home and close to my heart. Today I felt compelled to go to the White House to support the Dreamers, many of whom know no home other then the US, most of whom contribute far more to our economy and culture than they take, and a few of whom I know and love. Today I felt compelled to contribute to the body of documentation of the hundreds that came to demonstrate in front of the White House and the thousands that rallied across the country, all to declare that our Dreamers are #heretostay. 

Click any of the following images to see the full gallery of 11 photographs of the rally in front of the White House following the recission of DACA.

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