meet Thor

A few months after losing her 1-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback in a breakup, Leah a found new Ridgie baby to call her own. She called to arrange a session and sent a snapshot of what can only be described as a 5-week-old liver colored nugget. We agreed to a waterfront shoot to take full advantage of the beautiful late summer golden hour light, and then waited for the pup to be weaned and ready to bring home. By the time of the session, the tiny nugget had grown into a liver-nosed, amber-eyed giant pup whose proportions defied his 9-week-old age. With a far-too-cute puppy, a beautiful owner and a spectacular afternoon aside the Potomac River, I knew this would be a memorable session.

So, I am very pleased to introduce you to Thor.

To see all of the still images, go to Thor’s gallery.

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