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dance in an alley

Along with more traditional performances in more conventional spaces, Agora Dance is known to break from tradition in both its choreography and its selection of performance spaces—like an alley.

Philanthropic Platforms

Philanthropic Platforms – choreography by Sam Horning, performed by Cyndal Gilmore and Melissa Lineburg (not shown)

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fire and light

I love fire. Not so much for its consumptive or destructive nature (although that deserves fascination and respect), but more for its fluidity, its continuous reinvention of itself, its ever changing color and its ability to synthesize seemingly disparate qualities. It is formless form. And watching it — even while your brain screams “danger” — the flickering dance of its flames seduces you and draws you into it’s trance.

fire and light 6

fire and light 6

I love projection art. The motion of color being painted onto huge canvases of concrete and brick — all in real time and all in front of your eyes. It too is formless form. And despite knowing that is is merely  projected phantoms, you are nevertheless drawn toward the light. Continue reading

looking back at 2016: the art of dance

Classical Repertoire Dance Ensemble #7

In 2016 I began experimenting with art methods of processing and finishing images, in addition to more customary photographic finishes. Looking back, I note that I tended to experiment with art finishes processes on photographs of dance and flow performances more than anything else. Here are a few of my favorite examples. Continue reading

the ballet

before the dance

before the dance

I had the opportunity last weekend to photograph DC’s Classical Repertory Dance Ensemble. The evening included a program that presented a mix of dance styles centered around both classical and contemporary ballet. In the same way, the photographs included in the current post and Featured Gallery present a mixture of photographic styles from classic representational, contemporary high dynamic, and artistic finishes approaching impressionism.  To view the full gallery of 12 photographs, click any of the images below.  Continue reading

lionz of zion

Pro Breaking Tonight

The Lionz of Zion crew celebrated their 19th anniversary with the UDEF Probreaking Tour at the Wonder Bread Factory in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC.  Click any image to see the full set of 18 photosContinue reading

photo of the moment: waiting in the wings

Waiting in the Wings

waiting in the wings

Vaudoux Aerial Dance Theatre at Art All Night: Nuit Blanche DC

photographing a dream

The experience was surreal even before I got to the location. Late… very late… wiping off rain drops to get the response from my phone that might summon an Uber… struggling to communicate the right pickup location to a driver possessing little command of either English or DC navigation… seeing the refracted display of time slipping by through rain-streaked glasses. Then she appeared around the corner, floating above traffic toward the intersection where I just arrived. I exited my Uber chariot to begin the next leg of a surreal trip into her dream.

Dream Trip 1

dream trip 1 – click any image to view the full gallery

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urban artistry (15 images)

This was not the first time that I have seen Urban Artistry, a DC area organization dedicated to the preservation and performance of urban arts. I have watched them dance on several occasions and have photographed them a few times as well. And I always leave their shows feeling an enhanced sense of happiness, joy, and life. Their performance on May 2nd at DC’s Funk Parade was no exception and, indeed, seemed particularly special. Perhaps it was because of the very festive atmosphere of the day, or because of the extraordinary weather. Perhaps it was because of how involved the crowd was, or how the group welcomed and encouraged the brave (and talented) spectators-turned-performers. Or maybe it was because of the location at the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl (a virtual library of  DC urban art history), dancing in an urban theater of a narrow alley on an asphalt stage aside the street portraits of DC go-go legends Chuck Brown and Little Benny. This performance was a true celebration of urban art through dance.

View the gallery of my attempts to capture Urban Artistry’s perpetual motion and infectious joy in still images.

Find out more about Urban Artistry at, or keep up with them on Facebook.