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skating by the sea

TJ Taiyo

Whenever work or play allows me to spend some time at my “west coast office”, I always make sure to shoot at the Venice Beach Skate Park–renowned for it’s beautiful design that ties in with the spectacular surrounding, as well as for the high level of skating by skaters of all ages. Here is a sample of the images I captured on a recent visit (click any image to open the full series in high resolution). Continue reading

photo of the moment: time to go

The Last Few Moments 10

The Last Few Moments:  Time to Go

I just rediscovered a treasure trove of raw beach images that I had set aside, including this one from a series of sunset silhouettes.

looking back at 2016: winter at the beach

The Last Few Momements 1

After digging out from Snowzilla in DC, I am glad that I spent part of winter 2016 on the beach in Southern California. I shot hundreds of images while there and edited a 2 or 3 dozen when I returned. Here are a few that I keep going back to (and check out February’s featured gallery for more  sunset silhouettes). Continue reading

skating at sea

skaters, seagulls and sunsets

skaters, seagulls and sunsets

Anyone who has followed my work knows that I love shooting the skaters at the Venice Beach skate park. It started off simply as a technical challenge… to hone my ability to capture sharp, well composed images of rapid movement in multiple planes and directions simultaneously. On my most recent trip to California, my interest turned more toward mood than technique. Continue reading