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kites, kids & squid

Take Off

take off

Along with the always present families and twenty-somethings, the annual Kite Festival on the National Mall also drew some protest flyers this year. I originally planned to photograph the protestors, but as soon as I dismounted my bike I was reminded what this festival is really about–the kids.

Click any of the following photos to view higher quality large images of this set of kids (and squid).

Let's Fly a Kite

let’s fly a kite

At the Mall with Kites

chasing squid

Squid Pro Quo

squid pro quo

kids and kites



Take Off

take off

photo of the moment: dupont underground

What lies ahead is the stuff from which dreams and nightmares are made

looking back at 2016: winter in dc

Tranformed by an Inch of Snow

This year, instead of one large review, I decided to break down my annual recap into smaller groupings, each presenting just a few images of one aspect of 2016. Let’s begin with a memorable Winter (and also to send a small note of empathy to my New England friends and family who are being slammed by winter today).  Continue reading

looking back at 2015

As we start a new year, I took a look back at my work from 2015, both professional and personal. In reviewing the images, I noted that some of my favorites (those that I keep returning to) are not necessarily the most popular. I decided in putting together this recap to go with my favs, including a few that might be liked only by me (although I do hope you enjoy them too). So, here’s a look back at 2015 with my warmest wishes for an extra-ordinary 2016.

10 days – 10 photos

During the last 10 days, I had been posting a photo a day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as part of the #StayOutThere challenge sponsored by Adobe Lightroom and moderated by Nicole S Young (@nicolesy on Twitter and Instagram).  Nicole provided a different theme each day, making sure we did not stick to our comfort zones. Five of my images are new, taken during the challenge, and the reset were either processed for the first time or re-edited for the challenge. If you missed any, here’s a recap (click to enlarge images):

Day 1 - Sky

Day 1 – Sky

Continue reading

purple patch

Purple Patch Restaurant

Purple Patch Restaurant and Bar in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Wasington, DC

I recently completed a pre-shoot interview and location-scouting visit at the Purple Patch Restaurant and Bar in Washington, DC’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. Amidst the surprisingly balanced chaos of what seems like hundred’s of tasks that must be completed before a rapidly approaching opening, I was able to grab a few off-the-cuff shots. Continue reading

urban family magazine

I recently began shooting for Urban Family, an online magazine and blog published by  UrbanSitter. The first article featuring my photos of the owner of Lil Omm Yoga Studio and her family came out this week. Check it out.

Meet the Silickis

a website enhanced

Things have been developing in the virtual darkroom at If I did my job right, you may not notice the changes at first—you may even be underwhelmed (a seamless transition was my goal). But upon further examination you may bemenugin to notice the many enhancements to the public website and new features that provide clients a coordinated, streamlined process to review and select their images. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading