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fire and light

I love fire. Not so much for its consumptive or destructive nature (although that deserves fascination and respect), but more for its fluidity, its continuous reinvention of itself, its ever changing color and its ability to synthesize seemingly disparate qualities. It is formless form. And watching it — even while your brain screams “danger” — the flickering dance of its flames seduces you and draws you into it’s trance.

fire and light 6

fire and light 6

I love projection art. The motion of color being painted onto huge canvases of concrete and brick — all in real time and all in front of your eyes. It too is formless form. And despite knowing that is is merely  projected phantoms, you are nevertheless drawn toward the light. Continue reading

photo of the moment – lifting you up

Saturday was Art All Night DC—my fifth AAN and my third year as coordinator of photography. Look for new blog posts about Art All Night coming in the next several days.

Lifting You Up

Hula dancing with projections at Art All Night DC 2016, H Street

lionz of zion

Pro Breaking Tonight

The Lionz of Zion crew celebrated their 19th anniversary with the UDEF Probreaking Tour at the Wonder Bread Factory in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC.  Click any image to see the full set of 18 photosContinue reading

photo of the moment: waiting in the wings

Waiting in the Wings

waiting in the wings

Vaudoux Aerial Dance Theatre at Art All Night: Nuit Blanche DC

three minutes of enchantment (six magical images)

Pulling Air

Pulling Air

I saw her for just three minutes. I turned to get a glance at the origin of the ooos, applause and laughter of a small group that had gathered at the side of the road. I had no intention of going there, and was definitely not planning to photograph such a small side show. But those plans changed when I saw children giggling excitedly with mouths agape, and parents who could not hide the joy that their smiles, as broad as those of their kids, revealed to anyone watching. I was drawn to it—kissed by a small dose of magic sent in a fantastical bubble that she blew my way.  I saw her for just three minutes, but it was three minutes of all encompassing delight. Three minutes during which the the hard realities of pavement and brick gave way to an etherial fantasy of golden light refracted and reflected off transparent floating orbs of hope and joy. And though it proved to be as fleeting as the fairy that conjured it, it was three minutes of pure enchantment. Continue reading

water colors (7 images)

What happens when you paint on top of vibrant projections during a light but steady rain? Water colors.

Water Colors

Water Colors

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so this just happened

pulling air on the cover of MidCity DC Magazine

pulling air on the cover of MidCity DC Magazine

I am extremely proud that my photograph of Jennifer Stephens (performing as Marigold Bumbleroot) is the cover of the October 2015 In Print edition of MidCity DC Magazine. Stop back here Monday for a series of images from Jennifer’s enchanting performance, and check out the on-line copy of MidCity DC Magazine.

photographing a dream

The experience was surreal even before I got to the location. Late… very late… wiping off rain drops to get the response from my phone that might summon an Uber… struggling to communicate the right pickup location to a driver possessing little command of either English or DC navigation… seeing the refracted display of time slipping by through rain-streaked glasses. Then she appeared around the corner, floating above traffic toward the intersection where I just arrived. I exited my Uber chariot to begin the next leg of a surreal trip into her dream.

Dream Trip 1

dream trip 1 – click any image to view the full gallery

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