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photo of the moment: dupont underground

What lies ahead is the stuff from which dreams and nightmares are made

honored by FotoDC

Time to Fly

Time to Fly

I am very honored, proud and excited that Time to Fly was awarded FotoDC’s Places of DC Runner Up. The print will be featured for one month starting June 23rd in the FotoDC show at the W Washington Hotel in July. It will then reappear at FotoDC Central for the FotoWeek festival November 11-20th.

I hope to see you at the opening party at the W Washington DC on June 29th.I will post more details about the shows and the opening events soon. Continue reading

dogs of spring

Willow, the Havanese puppy

Willow, the Havanese puppy

It has been an especially dreary May in DC. With more consecutive rainy days than ever previously recorded, and the few dry days being grey and dreary, it has been the type of May you’d expect more in Washington the State than in Washington the District of Columbia . So, when the sun finally came out, I grabbed our model-in-residence and a camera and raced to the dog park for an impromptu late afternoon/golden hour shoot. (Of course, I wound up shooting all the other dogs too!)  Continue reading

dc melting

A view of my neighborhood as reflected in snowmelt. Click any image to view the full gallery of 10 wet photographs.

DC Melting 1

DC Melting 3

DC Melting 6

DC Melting 7

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