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looking back at 2016: events

Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage celebration at the Carlos Rosario International Charter School

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photo of the moment: singing near the monument

I had the opportunity recently to photograph an event for the House of Ruth, a DC charity that does exemplary work helping children, women and families out of homelessness and the cycle of abuse.

side yards

Carnival sideshows can be fascinating, comical, risqué, and thrilling. Carnival sideshows can also be icky, gross or slightly twisted. The second annual Side Yards sideshow extravaganza included a little bit of it all. (Click any image to enlarge and scroll through the show.)

The Juggler 1

The Juggler 

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little black dress

wearing art

little black dress

I was just updating this image from an impromptu and very fast model shoot during an event in 2013. Shot with nothing more than an on-camera Speedlight (flash) aimed directly at the model (a true no-no), the original photo was underexposed, but produced some interesting shadows on the backdrop (really, just a clean sheet of drywall). The technical flaws introduced in correcting the exposure (global noise and loss of detail in the dress and hair) prevent me from ever adding this image to my portfolio, although it remains a personal favorite. Hmmm… the flaws would likely not be detectable in a very small format like, say, the back of business cards (which I just happen to need!).

play with love

Sometimes you just need a break from the stresses of work, family and even social life. WithLoveDC saw the need, and began sponsoring Recess for Grownups at Dupont Circle. I was able to capture some of the fun last Wednesday. #PlayWithLove

double dutch (10 images)

Adult recess at Dupont Circle, Washington DC – 15 July 2015. Jumping rope with #PlayWithLove.

nuit blanche 2014

Across the globe, flowers typically bloom in the warm sunlight brought by the Spring. But here in DC, art blooms in the fall under moonlit skies. In late September through October and November, the art world comes to life with festivals, fairs, conferences, major openings, and exhibitions. And the most expansive of these events–in terms of types of art, number of artists, number of locations, number of attendees–is Art All Night / Nuit Blanche DC. It is always atop my list of art events to attend, and I always bring my camera (some photos from 2013’s edition are in the blog post: looking back at nuit blanche 2013). This year I was excited not only to shoot Art All Night, but also to shoot for Art All Night.

The current featured gallery—Nuit Blanche DC—presents my picks from a much larger set of the photographs that I provided to the Art All Night team. For this gallery, I selected images with a loose focus toward the interaction between art and the artist or viewer.

Michael Hammond, www.michaelhammondart.com

artist: Michael Hammond, www.michaelhammondart.com

You can find many more pics, videos and musings about this year’s event at Art All Night DC’s Facebook page, or discover more at the Art All Night DC website.

looking back at nuit blanche 2013

I shoot a lot of music and art events throughout the year. But DC’s art community blooms in the fall, initiated by my favorite event to photograph, Art All Night (Nuit Blanche) DC. Below are some images from the spectacular event in 2013 at the Wonder Bread Factory and the Shaw Branch of the Washington Public Library. In 2014, Nuit Blanche will be spread through more of the city, and I will be up all night Saturday 9/27/14 trying to photograph as much of it as possible (anyone have one of of those transporter gadgets?).