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photo of the moment: singing near the monument

I had the opportunity recently to photograph an event for the House of Ruth, a DC charity that does exemplary work helping children, women and families out of homelessness and the cycle of abuse.

dogs of spring

Willow, the Havanese puppy

Willow, the Havanese puppy

It has been an especially dreary May in DC. With more consecutive rainy days than ever previously recorded, and the few dry days being grey and dreary, it has been the type of May you’d expect more in Washington the State than in Washington the District of Columbia . So, when the sun finally came out, I grabbed our model-in-residence and a camera and raced to the dog park for an impromptu late afternoon/golden hour shoot. (Of course, I wound up shooting all the other dogs too!)  Continue reading

photo of the moment – The Untold Benefits of a Flight Delay

At times, if you keep your eyes open for it, what first seems like misfortune may reveal its rewards.

The Untold Benefits of a Flight Delay

Above Ft. Washington, MD on approach to Washington DC National Airport

This photo was captured on initial descent to Washington DC’s National Airport, after more than an hour delay. If the flight had not been delayed, we would have landed long before sunset and the view would have been just an ordinary riverscape through a crud-covered, scratched and hazy plastic airplane window–I would have never pulled out my iPhone for it. I still got to Washington in time for an event, plus I got this beautiful image. I may never say these words together again, but “Thank you hydraulic malfunction!”

Captured on an iPhone 6, the original shot needed a fair amount of correction to reduce the window crud and haze (and to crop out the airplane wing). This version was edited in Lightroom CC on my Macbook.

butterflies and beetles and bees, oh my

A lyric from one of my songs suggests that you “Stop and take a look at what’s around you, it will astound you.” True, although sometimes you have to look very, very closely.



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the setting sun

Along the Southern California coast, days frequently end with a fiery burst of color filling the sky for a few moments before the horizon steals the sun until the morning. Truly spectacular.

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I love photographing children in a natural environment where I can capture them just being children (more on that coming soon). And when my subject is a beautiful 2-year-old with amazing parents and a few extended family members to add some spice… and when the scheduled session is greeted by a spectacular, golden morning… this is a photographer’s playpen (at least for those of us who have fun with photographing kids).  Last month I had exactly this good fortune when I photographed Sarah.

embracing the grey

It is rare that a shoot goes exactly as planned, and at times all plans are rendered moot. I was rudely reminded of this fact in a recent client shoot. Continue reading