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first snow

It has now become an annual tradition. While others in DC race to clear area grocery stores of even a memory of milk and bread, I run to the dog park to get the year’s first images of dogs in the snow.  Continue reading

looking back at 2016: winter in dc

Tranformed by an Inch of Snow

This year, instead of one large review, I decided to break down my annual recap into smaller groupings, each presenting just a few images of one aspect of 2016. Let’s begin with a memorable Winter (and also to send a small note of empathy to my New England friends and family who are being slammed by winter today).  Continue reading

dc melting

A view of my neighborhood as reflected in snowmelt. Click any image to view the full gallery of 10 wet photographs.

DC Melting 1

DC Melting 3

DC Melting 6

DC Melting 7

View the remaining six images in the full gallery.

snowday in the park

After a blizzard you dig out and then you play. Here are a few shots I took walking through the always entertaining Malcolm X Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC.

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