start planning your night

Art All Night is a Huge EVENT held in 7 neighborhoods in 3 of the 4 DC quadrants, and each neighborhood including multiple venues over many blocks. You have one 45 minute commitment but, beyond that, you’re on your own to go and shoot whatever you want. So…

Rule #1 – you cannot see everything, so don’t try!

Instead, plan out your night and prioritize what you really want to see and shoot along with your assigned shots. The general schedules are available at Art All Night Made in DC – Neighborhoods. Look in our Facebook group for updates as I get them.  NOTE: From the past, I know to expect some times to change and more performances and exhibitions to be added. Check back on the main website before you go out.

projecting art

projection art, nuit blanche 2012 (I wish I had a more capable low-light camera back then)

AAN is a very long event (7pm – 3am and then some) but, paradoxically, the time will fly by. If you think you will be in one location for 1 hour, you will likely be there for 2. So, prioritize what is REALLY important to you and leave lots of pad time. The crowds can be huge (especially between 9 and 12), so travel between neighborhoods will also be slower than typical.

Please use our Facebook group to pose any questions for all of us about artists, performers, neighborhoods or anything else to help you to plan you night. Also, don’t hesitate with ANY questions you may have about shooting.

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