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faces of pride and sorrow

The emotional contrast between Saturday and Sunday was striking. Saturday was the Capital Pride Parade–outrageous, outlandish and festive (very, very festive). The only discordance I heard on Saturday was in regards to the degree to which the parade has become commercialized and, I must concur that the “green” stripe in the rainbow flag seems to grow larger every year. The parade drew to a close, my gay friends partied and I went home for a more peaceful night. But then came the news from Orlando.  Continue reading

faces in the crowd – black cat edition

At times a story is best told not by the players on the stage, but by a face or two in the crowd.

Photographed on 15 May 2015 at the Black Cat, Washington DC

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a face in the crowd

There are moments when a face in the crowd is as captivating as the musicians on stage. Here are 11 of those moments.

Photographed on 10-Jan-15 in Washington, DC at the 9:30 Club. Also, see the photos of the featured bands that night: Black MasalaAskultura and the Pietasters.

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